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On this page you will find links to our current studies along with a description of each study and the criteria for participation. The questionnaires take about 10 minutes to complete, although there is no time limit. The information you provide is completely anonymous and confidential and is stored on a secure server at the University of Alberta. IT will be used to help us to understand the causes of mood and anxiety problems in pregnant women and new mothers and to improve their health care.

Thank you for participating in these studies!

Gerri Lasiuk RPN, RN, PhD & Dawn Kingston RN, PhD


Women’s Study

Many women do not feel comfortable talking to their healthcare providers about emotional struggles that they experience during pregnancy or after they have a baby. As a result, women’s struggles are not detected, and the problem continues unnecessarily. We are interested in learning about pregnant women’s and new mothers experiences of being assessed for symptoms of mood or anxiety by their healthcare provider….
For women: currently pregnant, have a baby 12 months old or less

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