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Disclosure of mental health problems

12/06/12 | Studies | Leave Comment

We would like to kick off our first blog post with a discussion about the struggles that some women experience in revealing their mood or anxiety problems during pregnancy or after they have had a baby. A lot of research has been done to understand why women who experience abuse or violence to not want to talk about their struggles, but almost no research has been done to understand why some pregnant women and new mothers also feel the same way. It is important to be able to share feelings of anxiety or depression during pregnancy or after delivery with a person who can be trusted because it can be the starting point to getting help. Why is this so important? Research shows that women who do not get help may continue to experience symptoms much longer than they need to. For example, some women who do not receive the help continue to have symptoms of depression and anxiety throughout pregnancy, after delivery, and into their children’s early years. We only know a little about why women do not share their emotional struggles during pregnancy or as new mothers. Most women have roughly 13 visits with a prenatal care provider […]

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